Real estate investment fund in Germany

Through our accreditation as a financial investment advisor in Germany (34f), we offer various investment opportunities in real estate funds, generally closed-end funds, approved by the BaFin, the German financial, real estate and insurance regulator.

We are able to offer you funds invested in residential real estate and commercial real estate.

These funds specializing in real estate in Germany operate similarly to French SCPIs, except that they are generally closed-end funds (subscription period of between 12 and 18 months, and limited lifetime of between 6 and 20 years depending on the fund), and subscription fees are lower, or even reimbursed when the fund is liquidated.

The same rules of legal security as French SCPIs

The real estate funds on offer generally comply with European of 2014 (custodian bank, independent valuation, registration of the property in the land register in the name of the entity held by the investors and not in the name of the management company).

Greater security than funds of the same type

In our opinion, they offer higher average returns and greater security than funds of the same type invested in other European real estate markets, due to the dynamic German economy, the quality of the pre-selected management companies and the reasonable prices paid at purchase, particularly for residential real estate funds. This last factor is, in our opinion, crucial for the preservation of your capital, especially if we were to face a deep economic crisis.

“Superior security due to Germany's dynamic economy.”
– Fabrice Alvaro

These funds benefit from the German tax treatment of investment in companies (property dealer status), and offer more diversification, high returns net of taxes and costs, and the same status as a property owner (entry of each investor in the German land register, and of each property in the land register) as that of an acquisition in one's own name of an apartment or building.

Accessible from 25 000 €

Some of these funds are accessible from €25,000 investment, others are reserved for professional clients and are accessible from €100,000 or even €250,000.

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