Alvaro Invest Consulting

A team of 100% independent financial consultants whose sole concern is to develop and protect your assets.

3 good reasons to trust us.

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As 100% of the capital is held by the founding members, no participation of financial or real estate groups creates conflicts of interest.

We only advise our clients in their best interests.

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Unicity of the relationship

Each client is unique, we put listening to needs and finding individual solutions at the centre of our relationships.

We are also committed to explaining and motivating each of our decisions

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Vision of the market

Tax exemption tools have reached their limits, and in our opinion they are more likely to be pitfalls than opportunities. More than ever, it is important to buy at the right price.

This is why our primary objective is to offer you investments whose value reflects a certain reality.

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A team of experts at your service.

Fabrice Alvaro

Fabrice Alvaro

Fabrice began his career in finance and fund management in 2001, first as head of risk management for the Amundi group in Milan for 4 years, then as manager of diversified and alternative portfolios and funds in Paris, at the group's head office until 2011.

His knowledge of macro-economics and his experience of asset classes led him to take an interest in German real estate in 2011.

He then created his MMF FINANCE structure in France, then a structure in Germany in 2015, Alvaro Invest Consulting, which enables him to offer a wide range of services to investors.

Yvonne Hass

Yvonne Hass

Yvonne began her career in 1992 as a trainee and then as an employee in charge of a REWE supermarket in Berlin, before becoming a recruiter and sales force trainer within the same group.

In 2007, she became a partner in a food sales company, which she left in 2017 to start a second life in the real estate sector, with a first experience in the Berlin franchise of Century 21.

She joins Alvaro Invest Consulting in 2019, specializing in real estate in Berlin and surrounding areas.

Compensation and References


Because our compensation is linked to performance, it can only be the result of this performance.

We have set up a remuneration system based as much as possible on the performance of our services.

Some of our mandates are remunerated only in case of success (this is the case in particular for the personalized search for real estate, companies in view of a merger, etc.).

  • Immobilien Makler und Darlehen Vermittler (real estate agent and finance broker, licence 34C GewO, registered with the Berlin District Court).
  • Finanzanlagevermittler (§ 34f Abs. 1 Satz 1 GewO). Registration number : D-F-107-LA19-76 (financial products intermediary, open and closed funds, at the Berlin prefecture)
  • Trusteeship authority : IHK Berlin (chambre de commerce de Berlin,, Fasanenstr.85, 10623 Berlin ; Tel : +49 30 31510-0,
  • Professional insurance at ALLIANZ : Vermögensschadenhaftpflichtversicherung bei der Allianz Versicherungs-Aktiengesellschaft Nr. 10/0450/1025613/150
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